It mutes me. I can always feel it creeping in again; I begin to hold my tongue. Words just don’t seem to hold much meaning when it comes back. It’s a dulling, a subtle numbing of the senses.  Tired down to bones so heavy they could anchor a ship seven miles out to sea.

Wouldn’t that be lovely? Seven whole miles of pure silence. Only an occasional gulls squaw slicing through the silence. The hunger of those birds is incessant, gnawing and ever present. The very thought of it exhausts me.

Here and there

Back home again

Here, amongst the memories and the missed moments…I miss you

In down at heel bars I was down and out…without you

Under the neon glow of diner signs in a far away city I tried pumpernickel pie and sighed….thinking of you

I went to the stars hungry for adventure…dreamed only of you

Run away again I must…but this time I run to you

Fortune never favoured.

In the midst of a swirling blizzard I lay

Spent and unhinged

Caring little whether it was night or day

There was a blurring twixt the real and the fantasy

Which was which

I couldn’t say

Years passed in this prone like state, as meekly I lay

Waiting for a kind word, just one, to lift me to my feet

Yet none ever came.

You haunt me.

In every thought, in every word, in every moment

You linger.

Fog in the air, fog in my mind

I can’t tell the difference between your being

And mine


Too much love to give
Too many moments lived
Too much to give it all to one
Yet, a heart must persevere
Try to uphold this sense of only belonging to one
To keep it...simple?
To keep some sense of morality
But wings feel...clipped?
Sick down to the core with sentimentality
Of when youth was abundant and time seemed limitless
A whole world of promise lay in just one kiss
We all try through the years to make things right
Setting aside our own hearts desires for the good of others
The years pass and we siphon out what happiness we may 
Because its a cruel, cruel world 
The only truth is struggle 
Though the passage of time pales the path upon which we staggered
None of it was ever easy 
A best, a killing joke
They never spared the yoke
For those who had a dream 
We've all been, at some point
Upon these blood stained knees
Screaming, for a blessing 
PLEASE, PLEASE (please me)
Yearning for the lessons of success
Only wanting to be the best
Wanting it all 

Hold steady

Persistence and a positive attitude will carry you through 
Even when dawn seems so far away 
The newly born day will always come  
If you can just hold on 
Wait for the light 
Hold steady 
It can't always be night 

Only You

I went to the country

Looked up at the skies

At all of those stars

They seemed to burn so bright

I thought only of you

Felt the pulling, this yearning deep inside

Knowing instantly 

It was you

Only ever you

Always you

Nothing before 

Nothing after 

Nothing in the inbetween 

Only you

All I ever knew

Was all that ever mattered 

Searching for meaning

When meaning was home 

I should have just trusted 

All I had ever known 



Well, the world has taken all I have
So there’s literally nothing left
She’s bleeding me dry
I’m cast aside, left bereft
But yet I keep laughing
Tell me, in earnest
What is the joke?
I’m penniless, soon to be homeless
No magic genie to solve my situation, can I evoke
But I’m loved and I’m thought of
So for much more I can’t ask
These things we are “losing” are just material
And there’s nothing that, forever, lasts.