I was born in 86
The product of a mod and a (much cooler) punk
Born twixt two sub genres
As I grew
I never really had to choose
Between anarchy and a (though a more stylish option) one of the two
See the thing is
I’ve got my Daddy’s eyes
But I’m a carbon copy of my Mama’s soul
The middle ground she never took
Those same blue grey eyes I have
She always had this look
That would
In a meagre glance, tell
If you were cool, or doomed to fail
All this life I have heard
You’re your Dad’s twin on this thing we call Earth
But the truth is, in my heart, in my soul, I’m my mothers girl
And it’s through her courage, her strength
That I’m the ruler of my world

21 jan 20

None of us choose
Choose to take that first breath
That yell that hails your entrance into this world
In the words of Billy Idol, with that rebel yell
will you cry “more, more, MORE”?
Is your voice
A war cry
Or just…
A mere sob?
What else can you do
but scream
Scream for the world to notice you?