Here and there

Back home again

Here, amongst the memories and the missed moments…I miss you

In down at heel bars I was down and out…without you

Under the neon glow of diner signs in a far away city I tried pumpernickel pie and sighed….thinking of you

I went to the stars hungry for adventure…dreamed only of you

Run away again I must…but this time I run to you

Fortune never favoured.

In the midst of a swirling blizzard I lay

Spent and unhinged

Caring little whether it was night or day

There was a blurring twixt the real and the fantasy

Which was which

I couldn’t say

Years passed in this prone like state, as meekly I lay

Waiting for a kind word, just one, to lift me to my feet

Yet none ever came.

You haunt me.

In every thought, in every word, in every moment

You linger.

Fog in the air, fog in my mind

I can’t tell the difference between your being

And mine

Only You

I went to the country

Looked up at the skies

At all of those stars

They seemed to burn so bright

I thought only of you

Felt the pulling, this yearning deep inside

Knowing instantly 

It was you

Only ever you

Always you

Nothing before 

Nothing after 

Nothing in the inbetween 

Only you

All I ever knew

Was all that ever mattered 

Searching for meaning

When meaning was home 

I should have just trusted 

All I had ever known 



There’s a little of you left in me.

It never went away.
It hid behind blood and bone.
digging deeper until

In my very essence

It found a home

How can something so small swallow up so much of a life?

Poem No. 39

He’s the quiet voice
That I need
But can’t always hear
Yet when my being is heavy
He lifts up my burdens
Helps lighten my load
Deep in my heart I feel Him
Deep in my being
He’s always near
When I’m cast adrift by the cruel acts of man
He’s always there to take my hand
To soothe my soul
Quieten my inner turmoil
Others may mock
Make jest, make light of the solemnity of Faith
But my saviour; Our Lord
Him, above all others
Will I never forsake
You have carried me through the deep
Through the darkest nights
My love upon high
My guiding light


I cannot see you
Not because I have grown blind
Because our love has grown entangled
I am you
You are me
We have grown

Poem Number Eight

Flotsam and jetsam
The remainders of the shipwreck of my heart

You, the feckless captain
jumped ship long ago
Swimming away to sin on shores unknown

The sun keeps on rising and setting
Setting, rising
Rising, setting
A certainty we can rely on

Yet here I stay
A wreck
Laying, prone, on this unforgiving reef
Of spent and squandered lust

A sea of my own making
Around me, ebbs, flows

How quickly can a broken heart take anchor?
I’d really like to know